Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The "Whatever Man"

This guy made my day. Actually he made my week and maybe even my month with his antics. After this happened to me I spent the rest of the day laughing and I had a permanent smile on my face.
So the story is, we're out shopping and when we were leaving I'm getting ready to make a left out onto the side street from the parking lot. I stop and look, nobody coming from the left..... and to the right is a SUV coming down the hill at about 60+ mph (average speed for a residential neighborhood in LA)so I figure he must be going down to the light at the intersection which was to my left, same way I was going. So, I look left again, still no body coming, in my mind I figured that by now the SUV on my right should be about passing me so as I looked right again and started to creep out a little, in anticipation of his passing, to my surprise he's flying into the driveway right in front of me, nearly on two wheels barreling into the parking lot. In my surprise I said "What No Turn Signal?" and as he passed us into the parking lot he hangs out his window with one hand in the air, his truck going airborne off the driveway bump and says "Whatever Man!" .. as his head and arm bobbed back & forth from the jump he looked like a rodeo bull rider .... needless to say I couldn't respond, I was a gasp. What kind of response do you come back with, when your presented with the infamous "Whatever Man" from a flying lunatic jumping his truck at 60 mph on two wheels hanging out his window? Logically, there is none. So actually it was a great day and even a great week after that. I've found that if there's anything to just give any situation a resolution, just give it a Whatever Man! and move on with your day with a smile.