Monday, February 1, 2010

The New "Move Over Law"

Well folks there's a new law on the books that can get you a hefty fine for not moving over to the left if you approach an emergency vehicle, and if you can't move over, then you slow down to 20 mph below the posted speed limit. Gee what happens if your in a 15 mph zone? Do I back up at 5 mph? Or if I'm in a 5 mph zone do I back up at 15 mph? I didn't think too much math was ever required for driving until now. Is the required speed exponential? Say I'm driving in a 5 mph zone I see a cop up ahead, I proceed to go backwards at 15 mph, I see another cop coming up behind me so then do I proceed forward again at 5 mph? I think then I would end up getting a ticket for not going 15 mph backwards. Perhaps I should abandon my car and walk. But do I walk on the left side or the right side and how fast must I walk? What if I'm in a hurry now because I've been going forwards and backwards all morning and now I must run to keep my appointment? Perhaps I need to stay in bed. I'm tired from all the running anyway.