Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 7

OK, so I've been investigating the "E Cigarette" the guy in the smoke shop down around the corner has the "fifty-one", it's $150.00 and you get (2) batteries, (2) cartridges, and a wall charger. The refills come in a 5 pack, each cartridge is equivalent to 2 packs of regular cigs, for $15. That's cheaper than the patches, and waaaaaay cheaper than real cigarettes. I tried it, you get a warm hit of steam or "vapor" as they call it, and I've decided that this may be the way to go.

Check it out:

Remember, as I said on the first day, I like to smoke, this was never about my choosing to quit. It's about being financially FORCED to quit by dumb ass politicians that want to balance the budget on my back because I enjoy something. If you are a "gum chewer" (disgusting habit, quit spitting it out on the ground I'm tired of stepping in it!) and the government decided to double the price to help pay for some sorry bastard to go out and scrape the sidewalks, believe me you'd be looking for an alternative way to enjoy chewing your gum.

Here's the AP story on it (only they got it wrong on the price thing, it's cheaper, not more expensive than traditional cigarettes)