Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 6

I awoke in a cold sweat, feeling a bit sore and irritated by the bunching of the wrinkles in the sheet under me. I clawed at the sheet trying to pull it straight and flat under me. Pulling the sheet and flopping like a fish out of water, into the air simultaneously over and over, then I realized that I was not propelling myself into the air. My body was more reactionary in it’s movements. Was I convulsing because I was having a seizure? Is this it, I didn't quit soon enough? was I being resuscitated,
I NEED A CRASH CART NOW!! CHARGING....CLEAR! ... BUMP!.... eeeeeeeeee..... CLEAR!.. BUMP!!... eeeeeee... CLEEEAARRRR! BUMP... eeeeee. Or was someone shaking me to wake me up? ... Wait, no...not at all. The reality is, I looked down and found that I was lying in the middle of the freeway! I was flopping around because the cars and trucks were running me over, worse yet they were trying to hit me, …… for points! The drivers all chuckled and verbally enhanced the blows reciting the sound effects from Batman. WHAM! …. POW! ….. ZOINK! ….. then they laughed big hearty chuckles after successfully scoring. Each vehicle had an illuminated digital readout that hovered above it. I saw the numbers increase after running me over, 50 points! Bango flop, flop, flop, Bang zing! Flop, flop, then I actually woke up on the floor. I had fallen out of bed, and found that I was chewing on one of my shoelaces under the bed. I thought it was a real skinny cigarette, but no such luck. I spit it out thinking about all the restroom floors I’ve walked on….