Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 9

It is slowly becoming apparent to me why they have you do step 1 for a week (7 patches), then do step 2 for 6 weeks (42 patches) then do step 3 for 8 weeks (56 patches), that's a total of 105 patches! Each of which are 1-3/4" square which comes to 183.75 x 2 is 367-1/2" square. Yes, it would take 367-1/2" square inches of your body covered in these patches to successfully complete the program. The package plainly states that the patch is to be applied only to the upper body, and to an area that does not have hair. So, I am now at day 9 and it is already getting tricky trying to find an open area of skin (that I can reach) to apply another patch. Also the directions do not say what to do if one falls off, I guess you just stick another one in it's place, like the tiles on the shuttle. I will need some help getting the patches on new areas as this goes on. I'm not elastic man.