Monday, April 26, 2010

See, . . . . I Told You So!

About a year ago, May 5th, I was whining about the price of tobacco going up and how nobody gives a crap because it's "evil" to smoke in the first place. And I suggested that those people WOULD sing a different song if it was something that they enjoyed that was all of a sudden "evil" and they had to pay extra to have it. HA HA!! LOW AND BEHOLD! The "SUGAR TAX"!! Now all you soda suckin junkies get to feel the pain and cry the cry of unfairness because you like soda, and sure it will start out at a reasonably low almost unnoticeable amount that you will pay (ahem.... Just like tobacco tax) and after a few years, you'll find it continuing to climb until that tasty little pop will cost you around five bucks (wait... it's almost there now) let's say ten bucks after a decade of the government digging ever deeper into your pockets while trying to dissuade your use of the evil venomous sugar treat and you will not like it. Point is, if you like it, your going to pay it to drink it, even though it's supposed to be not good for you. So at the end of the day, I guess we all pick our poisons.